W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America Endowment Fund

This fund was started in November of 2013 by Morton Community Bank and the Honegger Family.  The purpose of the fund is to provide annual grants designated to the W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America.

The Honegger's, owners of Morton Community Bank, were approached to consider a substantial donation to the W.D. Boyce Council.  The Honeggers agreed to give the large donation, but instead of giving it directly to the W.D. Boyce Council, they used the donation to open an endowment fund at the Morton Community Foundation, which would then give annual grants, for years to come, to the Boy Scout Council.  Over time, the Council will receive far more than if the Honegger's were to give the full one-time gift directly to the Boy Scouts.  That's the Power of Endowment.

William D. Boyce, Founder of the  Boy Scouts of America

William D. Boyce, Founder of the Boy Scouts of America

Even those familiar with Scouting often don’t know that the W.D. Boyce Council is named for the man who founded scouting in America 100 years ago.  In late October of 1909, William D. Boyce, a Chicago publisher who resided in Ottawa, Illinois, was on a business trip in London, England. Standing on a corner in a dense fog, utterly lost, he was approached by a young boy who inquired, "Sir, may I be of assistance." Upon explaining his dilemma, the boy volunteered to show Mr. Boyce the way. When they arrived, Boyce reached into his pocket for a shilling to tip the boy. The youth refused, saying, "No thank you sir, I'm a scout and this is my good turn for the day." As a result, William D. Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.

Now that the W.D. Boyce Council, BSA Endowment Fund has been established by the Honegger's and Morton Community Bank, anyone with a passion for the Boy Scouts may donate to the fund, building it so that the Council receives larger and larger annual grants. 

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to this endowment fund, please click the button below for online donations.  Or, you can mail a check to 105 E. Jefferson Street, Morton, IL 61550.