The Morton Community Foundation is recognized as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.
Morton Community Foundation
105 E. Jefferson Street
Morton IL . 61550
Our EIN # is:  37-1397503.

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Transferring/Donating Gifts of Stock

Donations of stock may be made to the Morton Community Foundation.  Please give the following information to your stockbroker to make a transfer of stock to the Morton Community Foundation’s account at Morton Community Bank Investment Services. In order for you to get the most favorable tax benefit, please do not sell the stock and give the proceeds to the Morton Community Foundation.  Instead, transfer the stock to the MCF and we will liquidate it.

Talk to your tax accountant or financial planner for more information about donations of stock.

The Morton Community Foundation’s EIN # is:  37-1397503
Attn: Mr. Mike Sheets FIRST CLEARING LLC DTC# 0141
ACCOUNT# 2834-1682