What is the Morton Community Foundation?

The Morton Community Foundation was formed as a “Community Trust” or “Savings Account” created by Morton people for Morton people for the benefit of generations to come.  Donations to the Morton Community Foundation offer financial benefits and tax incentives.   When donors give to a fund, their principal gift will never be spent.  Instead, it is invested... and the proceeds from the investments are used to benefit their favorite organizations or fields of interest.

Although the Morton Community Foundation seeks to support and work with other local organizations, the Foundation is an independent charity that follows the ethical principals and best practices of the Council on Foundations, a national organization that supports grantmakers in various aspects of foundation management.

Our Mission Statement...

The Mission of the Morton Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life
for Morton area residents, now and for generations to come.

We do this by…

  • Building community endowment.
  • Investing in our community through strategic grant making.
  • Turning donors' charitable dreams into permanent legacies.
  • Providing leadership to identify and address changing community needs.

What is Endowment?

When you give to or create a charitable fund through the Morton Community Foundation, you have the opportunity to benefit Morton permanently through our endowment funds. When you donate $100, your $100 will remain with the Foundation to be invested perpetually. The earnings from your gifts are used to award grants addressing community needs.

What Does My Gift Support?

The Morton Community Foundation manages a wide variety of permanent endowment funds that support various charities, public bodies and fields of interest.  Our Unrestricted Fund is the largest and most flexible form of support to our community which allows us to use its investment proceeds each year to benefit Morton’s most pressing needs.

The Morton Community Foundation awards grants to local charitable, not-for-profit
organizations or tax-supported institutions such as schools and government agencies that have an impact in the Morton area.

You can support any of the many current funds or start your own fund to support a charity or field of interest of your choice.