The Morton Community Services Fund

Morton Fire Department Facility, Courtland Avenue, Morton.  Photo by Kevin May

This fund was one of the 5 original funds established by the founding Board of Trustees of the MCF in 2000.  The purpose of the fund is to support projects and organizations, in the field of Community Services (Morton's Police, Fire, and Street Departments, and other community services), for the benefit of the residents of the Morton, Illinois area.

In order to offer donors several options to support local causes during the Foundation's "Founder's Campaign," the MCF Board of Trustees established 5 initial funds:  Unrestricted Fund, Morton Community Services Fund, Morton Parks and Recreation Fund, Morton Library Services Fund, and Morton Education Fund.  With few exceptions, these are the only funds created by the Foundation Board itself.  Typically, funds are started by donors who wish to establish a permanent source of revenue for a cause, agency, or field of interest that they are personally most interested in.

The Community Services fund can be used to support our local Village and Township governments in the services they provide for the community.  Grants from this fund have gone toward things like:  A controller for the community-wide ESDA sirens so that particular warnings and alerts could be targeted to specific areas when necessary vs to the entire community; An AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator) device for our Village office; and highly visible reflective vests for our responders to use in dangerous accidents or fire scene responses.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to this endowment fund, please click the button below for online donations.  Or, you can mail a check to 105 E. Jefferson Street, Morton, IL 61550.