The Aasha Fund

Jed and Vicki Taufer on the day they picked up their adopted daughter, Purnima, in Nepal

This fund was started in May of 2011 by Jed & Vicki Taufer. The fund's purpose is to provide annual support for children around the world, including but not limited to providing food, shelter, daily living essentials and assistance with custodial arrangements. Grants will be made to 501(c)(3) organizations that carry out the purposes of this fund.

Vicki spent 6 months in Nepal with Purnima while waiting for her visa.  This experience allowed Vicki to see first hand what living in a third world country was like: No clean water, polluted air, power outages up to 14 hours a day, and an extremely unstable government.  While Vicki was happy to finally return to the United States with her daughter in Janaury 2011, she is haunted by images of the families and children she met that still face these hardships daily.  This Aasha Fund was started with the purpose of longevity, helping needy families and children forever. Someday Purnima, as well as any other children or grandchildren Jed and Vicki may have, will be responsible for recommending grants from this fund that will help people all over the world, specifically families and children.

Aasha means "hope" in Nepal, the country where the Taufer's adopted their daughter Purnima.  While in Nepal, their eyes were opened to the poverty and dire need that so many families face.  Their daughter's adoption inspired them to start the Aasha fund, but their focus is to help families all over the world with the annual grants from this fund. 

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to this endowment fund, please click the button below for online donations.  Or, you may mail a check to 105 E. Jefferson Street, Morton, IL 61550.