The Morton Community Foundation is about to open up their 2017 Competitive Grant Program, and plans to distribute over $40,000 to local charities, schools, parks, and libraries.  For information on how your favorite charitable org, or taxing body can earn a grant, visit:  www.mortoncommunityfoundation.org/grant-process/

In 2016, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Morton Chapter sought and received a $350 grant to purchase 4 new microscopes and storage containers for those microscopes, to be used in a program they call GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science).  Here's an excerpt from their grant application talking about the need for the GEMS program and the microscopes...

"Workforce projections show that many of the fastest growing occupations require significant scientific or mathematical training. Although women occupy nearly half of the workforce in this country, they hold less than one quarter of the STEM related jobs. Studies show that there are still barriers to girls' progress and participation in STEM related subjects. One way to break down these barriers is to ensure that there are opportunities for girls to explore and succeed in math and science. Offering GEMS workshops provides elementary school-aged girls a chance to get excited about science and math. While the need for increased STEM education has become widely recognized, many of the opportunities are limited to the top students, or those with the financial resources to enroll in a costly program. The GEMS workshops we offer are free, and are open to any girl regardless of her academic record. The workshops not only offer girls hands-on science experience in a non-competitive setting, they also afford parents another opportunity to talk to their daughters about their interest and confidence in the STEM fields."

The MCF is proud to partner with our local charities, providing additional funding to purchase the tools they need to better do the impactful work they are so well equipped to do.