Memorial Plaza is Well Underway

As we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, we remember the sacrifices made by so many men and women who have served our military over the years.  You may have noticed that the new Morton Downtown Memorial Plaza is starting to really take shape.  It's going to be a wonderful place for people to relax with family and friends, maybe with a treat and a cup of coffee, in downtown Morton.  It will also feature a beautiful and much needed memorial in honor of our veterans. 

This weekend would be a good time to consider, if you haven't already, making a donation to Memorial Plaza, and/or purchasing an engraved paver to honor the veteran(s) in your family.  You may make a donation online or you can stop in the Foundation office for a form to make a donation in person or by mail.  Let's fill up the memorial with pavers that recognize the folks who have served our country in this way.

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